Lost to LA

So with the rejection letter from UCLA in my inbox, and decision time come and past, I will not be going to LA for the next several years.  And despite how thrilled I am with where I am going, there are several reasons that I am a bit sad about this turn of events.  For starters there is a whole bunch of fun stuff that goes on in LA, and California on a whole.  But there are a view other reasons, so read on!

Whats the big deal about living in LA you might be wondering.  Well it happens to have one of the best schools for chemistry in the country, which of course is the main reason I am sad that I will not be attending there.  But there are so many other reasons to regret that rejection letter from UCLA.  Lets start with the most obvious, and that is that living in Westwood, the neighborhood south of campus, is amazing.   But there is also the lost opportunity to finally have a chemist on Big Bang Theory, or finally set some Hollywood writers straight on how they seem to screw up chemistry in ever film.  I am talking to you Iron Man writing staff.  Making a stable new element, impossible, even for Tony Stark!

There is also the sad yet true fact that, since I am definitely not going to be living in LA, I will never have the shot to take Alison Brie out on a date.  Now before the many skeptical internet people tell me that I am being ridiculous and that Alison Brie would never even talk to a nobody blogger and scientist.  Well piss off you, science is quite sexy and geek is the new chic.  Or so I am told, so I am going to go with that.  But there is literally a better chance of me being hit by lightning while in a car accident, while being in a plane wreck…  than there is getting a date with a pretty TV star.  But all of that aside, if I was in LA, I am sure that I might have an outside shot of a date, assuming that the skeptical interneters aren’t right and she doesn’t think that I am a crazy fan.  But since I will be living on the other side of the country, we will never know if beautiful TV stars are as impressed with someones knowledge of the periodic table as I hope they are.  I mean, I am sure the ladies are quite impressed by that stuff… right?  Right?

There is also the down side that the majority of the podcasting and entertainment industry in general, whether it is underground or not, is located in LA.  This means that I can’t stroll down to Meltdown comics and try and convince Chris Hardwick to pick up a science and grad student themed podcast.  I am sure he would, he has an eye for sure hits…. right?  Anyway, I guess my hobbie will remain undiscovered somewhere in the great wintery north-east of the US.

About thepickledhedgehog

I am a big fan of chemistry, well science in general really. I am currently gearing to go after that elusive PhD in Chemistry. For now though I write about all things geeky or science that I find interesting, or think the world should know. All the while secretly hoping to find a blue police box when I round a corner one day.
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  1. Never say never again

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