Lab Life: Part I

Lab Life, it’s a lot like Thug Life… in that they both have the word Life in them.  Yeah, I guess that’s where the similarities end, unless of course the rivalries between physics and chemistry is anything like a gang rivalry.  Which it isn’t, cause science fights are always the oddest; switching out lasers lenses, mislabeling chemicals, and of course the classic eye piece ink on the microscope.  Anyway, life in the lab can be much more interesting than you might think.  In fact there more lasers than you might have thought, and way less social inept super geeks (don’t even ask about their super powers).

Life in the lab, or I as like to to think of it, living the dream.  When I was a wee little lad, I was always into the science.  IT jumped from subject to subject, occationally being less science, but I think Indiana Jones was cool without the physical sciences.  But yeah, I was always thinking about being part of a science expedition to Antarctica, the Moon, the bottom of the ocean (damn you James Cameron!), or even just some lab that is changing the world.

Nice try “guy looking at food coloring,” no lab anywhere is this clean!  And who wheres the mask thingy?

SO what is life like in the lab?  Well there is a lot of singing, and I mean very very bad singing.  the kind of singing that isn’t even funny on American Idol, you know, where you just feel bad for the person.  But since almost everyone in the lab has their iPods or Zunes( I might be the only one with a Zune in the entire country) on while they are doing their work, no one else notices.  There is also the occasional dancing, which is as bad, if not worse than the singing.  And of course there is a whole lot of science going on!.  There are the occasional pranks, and the rare deep conversations.  it is absolutely nothing like the TV shows though.  The main reason for this is that when you use an instrument, the results are not instantaneous.  Those blokes on CSI have it great.

This is a lot more like a real lab, especially naming all of the instruments, I have personally done that a few times.

The likelihood of lab work becoming so popular that it rates it’s own sitcom or reality TV show is about rather small.  I would say along the lines of me going on a date with Allison Brie, as mentioned the other day.  I would rather the first scenario over a chemistry reality TV show of course; unless that show is leaving the cast of Jersey Shore in a lab with no direction and all very hazardous chemicals.  I am not saying that science hasn’t wormed it’s way into a fair number of shows; NCIS, CSI, and of course The Big Bang Theory.  But none of these reflect a real lab life, mainly because their viewership’s would plummet.  I am fairly sure that watching someone run a chromatography column might actually bore all of America into turning of the TV and going outside!

I know you are all wondering how can there possible be a part two to this riveting look into the dramatic and dangerous world of science labs.  But I assure you this may even be worthy of a trilogy!  A good trilogy, like the first three Star Wars movies (IV, V, VI) not the last three (I, II, III).  Seriously, wtf was with Jar Jar Binks!

About thepickledhedgehog

I am a big fan of chemistry, well science in general really. I am currently gearing to go after that elusive PhD in Chemistry. For now though I write about all things geeky or science that I find interesting, or think the world should know. All the while secretly hoping to find a blue police box when I round a corner one day.
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One Response to Lab Life: Part I

  1. Yup, singing and dancing… and a couple of my coworkers whistle too. Gotta keep yourself entertained when you’re pipetting. ;) Looking forward to the rest of your series.

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